Comfotube connection to supply box & fire sprinkler

Both the Zehnder comfotube ducting / supply box, and the fire sprinkler system will all be located inside the plywood air barrier above. In a “typical” building the air barrier would most likely be located at the flat ceiling plane so these mechanical systems would create a serious challenge to air seal.

Comfotube Chase

Here we can see a chase cavity for many Zehnder HRV “comfotube” duct runs. These ribbed plastic ducts are durable, easy to install, airtight, and smooth on the inside to provide great airflow.

HRV ducting penetration details

Here we can see the main HRV duct penetrations SIGA taped into the air barrier (FSC plywood).

3 Phases of Construction at once!

Here we can see the newest slab poured atop 13″ thick Geofoam EPS insulation (foreground L). Exterior I joist walls (foreground R) as well as the exterior permeable SIGA membrane, windows, and standing seam metal roofing in the background.

Metal Roof & Rain Screen on!

Metal roofing systems typically contain at least 50% recycled product, last 75 – 100 years, provider cleaner rainwater harvesting, and make the application of solar panels easy / penetration free. The wood battens over the Water Resistant Barrier create both a bulk water drainage plane as well as a ventilation channel for drying out moisture from inside the wall system out. In the foreground we can see the newest building going up!

Spring Has Arrived At Ankeny Row!

A cherry blossom symbolizes new beginnings at Ankeny Row as Green Hammer makes significant progress on Earth Advantage’s 1st Net Zero certified townhomes! See construction updates below…

Zola Windows Delivered from Poland!

Green Hammer Construction Site Supervisor / Jack of all Trades – Patrick Kiblinger stands proud next to a large order of high performance triple pane windows from Europe!